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Removing asbestos can involve removing drywall and flooring-whatever it takes to get a harmful material out of your home. At Amercian Solutions LLC, we want your home to look like the asbestos was never there. We offer a full range of handyman services.

From repairing your flooring to repainting your walls, we'll work hard to restore your home to its original condition. Make an appointment for home improvement services in East Hartford & New Haven, CT or the surrounding area today.

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Reach out to American Solutions in East Hartford & New Haven, CT today if you need any of these handyman services:

  • Exterior painting
  • Interior painting
  • Leaf removal
  • Power washing
  • Floor staining and sanding
  • Insulation installation

We're a licensed home improvement company, and we'll make sure your home looks great when we're finished. Call American Solutions now to schedule home improvement services. We serve the entire state of Connecticut.